I feel trapped. I am stuck in what feels to be a dead-end job that is sucking the life out of me. Being on vacation this past week has made me realize that I am dreading going back to work.

I hate that.

I like to enjoy my job. I would like to be able to work and leave work at work. I do not like being harassed about my job when I am out with my family.  There have been many times that I have been recognized in the local community of the place I work at. I then get asked questions about sales, items in stock, and more. Sure I could decline to tell them or just try to ignore them but what then? It comes back to haunt me when they see me next and say I was rude to them, even if it is off the clock.

So what happens then?

I get in trouble.

I also am bombarded with emails and text messages at home, all work related. I have to make calls and schedule people from home. Now many would say “that is a part of salary (I have been told it is earning my salary)” or “That is management”.

When is enough, enough?

How much can a person take?

I feel I am reaching that limit.

Hug a pony my friends.


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