My little Super Bowl.

Despite having a pretty crappy week, I want to focus real quick on something positive. At least, I think its positive.

The Ponies made it to the Super Bowl!

In case you missed it, the main characters in My Little Pony (called the “Mane Six[Get It?]) were shown in an NFL commercial during the Super Bowl!

Like Prime time guys.


In case you missed it, Ill post a link here, jump to mark 0:34 to see the blip!

And, as per our M.O. we took to the interwebs and we lost our minds! Over on Reddit, we had a blast posting our pride!

One gentlecolt by the name of ColdSyrup said it best.

“We have invaded the national audience, nice work gentlemen our mission is accomplished.”

Brohoof my fellow bronies. We are national. We are the herd.

Hug a pony my friends.


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