Happy Thanksgiving 2016

After working last night, I am now trying not to fall asleep while eating turkey. Thank you to your service all who work tonight. I know that pain and suffering. May you survive the day. Here is some Thanksgiving cheer.


Happy thoughts.

It was a rough week last week. I cut out the primary pain medication I have been taking for almost 2 years. I am writing a post on it but it is still very emotional and painful for me to write about. In the meantime, I decided to write about something positive. Thinking positive in efforts to help those around me.

Today was Halloween and I was able to be with my wife and kids for most of the day. That alone is a positive. I have missed quite a few family events due to work and I was able to capitalize on this one, mush to my joy. It made me very happy.

I also was able to put on my ears for work. Being Halloween, they allowed some dress up. I personally try to seize every opportunity to have some fun and inject some craziness into everyone’s life. It reminded me of when I was a teenager.

In my teens I worn a rubber dog nose everywhere. Literally everywhere. I wore it for such long periods of time that the string broke. I wore it so much my face would have indentations for hours afterwards from where the plastic would have embedded itself in my face. I wore it to school, I wore it to go shopping, I even wore it to church! Why did I do it?

To make people smile.

Some of my favorite times were when I had a child or a grandmother smile because of what I was wearing. Seeing their faces light up with joy always brought a smile to me. Some kids would point and laugh and that’s okay some of them weren’t old enough to understand what I was doing. I just wanted to bring a little joy and light into the world and I felt I did by just wearing a simple dog nose.
Oh I had some of the older folks frown on me and tell me that I was doing something wrong which never made any sense to me. The occasional mother who would hush your child from having a laugh at my expense which was perfectly okay in my opinion. Still the mothers quieted the children because they did not want to cause a scene or any type of attention to what I was doing. It would always make me sad seeing somebody frown or look down upon me because of something I was doing. All I tried to do was just bring a little joy and light into everyone else’s lives around me.

When I worked at GameStop, I made sure to go out of my way to do you things, again, to bring a smile to people’s faces. Dressing up for a special event, or wearing the silliest hat to make people stop and laugh. Joy is something best spread around in my opinion and so I did my best to spread it around as much as I could. Being able to turn someone’s bad day into a good day was always a great feeling for me and I’m pretty sure it was a good feeling for those who I helped as well.

So tonight when I came into work I decided to throw on my ever so loved ears that I wear, again, pretty much everywhere. My co-workers all gave me a smile and said I was being silly. I told them right back that this is something that makes the night go by faster when you’re working. I had four or five customers come up to me and tell me how much they like my hat and in my opinion that’s me doing a good job and providing excellent customer service. Any chance of having a little silliness or having a little fun, especially at work, is a chance I always try to jump on.

And so dear reader, I hope that by sharing my story, I inspire you to do something to make someone else smile today. I welcome any and all comments in which you’ve made someone else’s day a little bit brighter. In this time of election, where the country and families seem to be torn apart by anger or hate  it seems only fitting to try and bring joy into other people’s lives. One of the things I’ve always noticed about bringing a smile to others is the smile that comes back to me. I do hope my story cheers you up a little and that you have a wonderful day.

#hugapony my friends.

I dedicate this post to JL. I hope I bring a little smile to you with this post.

Akon Panel #1

I am just now being able to update my blog and I thank all of you for being patient with me in my time away from the computer. I am still in the process of moving and I am hoping and praying it is this weekend. I am quite excited. I am looking forward to having a place to my own with my family and being able to be settled.

I had a wonderful time at my first panel at A-kon 27. It was Middle of Nowhere, Smashed and Thanksgiving (Featuring Two men walk into a Bar). I was joined by my good friends Nick (from Knightengale Music Advising) and Ronin (From The Gigalounge) with special guest voice actor Kyle Herbert (From DragonBall Z and a lot more!).


^Ronin and Kyle

And what a time we had!

We always have wonderful giveaways and prizes at our panel. This year we had a “beer” pong table for the attendees to fight over great things and had some awesome matches. I was given Surge (thanks Nick) which I had not had in 10 years or more. We also gave away this year’s poster to those attending.

We had a dynamic conversation with great chats about the state of video game consoles to the introduction of VR into mainstream. Kyle got to try VR for the very first time!!

After the panel while we gave out the posters, the strangest thing happened. We had several people come up and ask us to sign the posters.


Not gonna lie, I felt almost famous. I had never been asked to autograph something. I was flabbergasted at first and had the thought of “they don’t want mine”. Then a gentleman came up and said “Sign this please”. I told him the artist was next to me and he corrected me, asking me to sign on my character. I stumbled around and found a sharpie and then 4 more people lined up!

Holy crap!

All told it was some of the most fun I had ever had at a panel. I want to thank everyone there for coming and I look forward to more with my crew.

I will have my second (and much more serious panel) written in a few days, as I move again.

#hugapony my friends

The eve of vacation

Twas the day before vacation

And all through the store

People were crazy

There was nothing to bore

The phone was a’ringing

People screaming aloud

Wanting their toys

All boastful and proud!

When along came a customer

Who raised such a clatter

I had ran across the store

to see what was the matter

“Why didn’t you hold it?”

He said with a cry

“I told you you idiot

I hope you just die!”

The item in question

was no where to be found

The man snorted and yelled

and stomped on the ground

He left with a huff

and left me a mess

I looked at the clock

and saw with distress

I was late for a meeting

with my boss and his too

and the big boss above

what was I to do

I raced and I sped

 My pedal to floor

I needed to help

My neighboring store

I arrived just in time

And the visit went well

Both my peers

Did really swell!

I then rushed across town

An manager await

An interview for his guy

Who was waiting his fate

In my speed did I find

A horror did appear

The belt on my van

Was no longer here!

The shreds of the belt

I could see on the road

What more could happen

What terrors abode

Through toil and tear

And the help of a friend

My van did repair

Would this day just end!?

Then did I go

To the first good news this day

The cards made for business

And look what they say!!!


And this story does close

This horrific day ends

I am doing much better


PS I will see you all at AKON!!!!!

One of many to come.

I love a good build up. Bring people in, get the interest and hopes up, leave them hanging for just the right amount of time. The biggest thing is to deliver and to leave them wanting more. The biggest thing is to deliver. So I hope to do so now.

I mentioned that I had a few surprises coming and that I would be sharing them “soon”. Well soon is here for one of them (2 more to go after this *squee).

I have been wanting to have myself put into pony form (ponified) as I have yet to do so. For me this is kinda a big step as I am very picky. I am a stickler for details and for wanting things done a very certain way. When it has to represent me, I want it to be me. I want people to look at it and go, Yup, that is Daniel (yes I know my name, I said it [all kinds of surprises today]).

So I had put the word out and starting looking at people. I had a few very good suggestions  and I liked a few people but nothing was popping out at me. Then I had a friend come to me and told me he had an artist he used when he was needing an emblem for his business. I asked who it was and he told me Luke McKay.

-Now enter shameless plugs for Luke here –>



Balls 2 That

Luke was an artist that I know of in many of the circles I run in as he is the main comic artist for Rooster Teeth, a website dedicated to all things geeky and gaming. I remember when they first started up with the web series Red vs Blue made from the original Halo and help pioneer online web series and such.

Really really big name for me.

I geeked out.

Not gonna lie.

So I was put in contact with him and some email correspondence took place. Through a gracious commission fee (bribe) and some heartfelt conversation (begging) I managed to score a Luke Mckay original version of a pony named after me. So without any more build up. I have me, in pony minor.


Thank you @lukemckay 

Mini post!

I have a mini post today as I have completed a very long week at work (yes, in retail our weeks are different from yours as this thing you call the weekend just means we are busier).

As it so happens, like always, life is coming down hard on me and iis making it difficult to post. My wife has been sick and with the incredibly busy week at work, I have not had a chance to get one of the post I have been meaning to get out complete. Fear not though, I will be back and hopefully in greater numbers.

Hug a pony my friends.  Here is a picture for your amusement.


My little Super Bowl.

Despite having a pretty crappy week, I want to focus real quick on something positive. At least, I think its positive.

The Ponies made it to the Super Bowl!

In case you missed it, the main characters in My Little Pony (called the “Mane Six[Get It?]) were shown in an NFL commercial during the Super Bowl!

Like Prime time guys.


In case you missed it, Ill post a link here, jump to mark 0:34 to see the blip!

And, as per our M.O. we took to the interwebs and we lost our minds! Over on Reddit, we had a blast posting our pride!


One gentlecolt by the name of ColdSyrup said it best.

“We have invaded the national audience, nice work gentlemen our mission is accomplished.”

Brohoof my fellow bronies. We are national. We are the herd.

Hug a pony my friends.