Different Strokes

I love a good personal story. Reading or listening about someone’s life or an adventure that someone has taken can be enrapturing to me. Now I could tell you a story with just facts, lay out each detail in a row and let it just stand there on its own. It would be a story of pure substance and give you all the direct information you need to understand where I am coming from.


I could take you on a mind journey, using words that flutter along like butterflies, turning phrases like leaves in an autumn breeze. Protruding a story from every intonation of my voice, mannerisms in my movements, or even the glint in my eye that shows a diamond like twinkle.

That, that is the story I want to read.

Or in this case listen. I enjoyed this short little video that popped up randomly on my Facebook. It was shared by Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters, on their public figure page. Again just a simple short story, beautifully told, and it captivated me.

I invite you to listen as well dear reader. I hope you enjoy.



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