…before the Dawn.

And now the conclusion for the previous post.

It was a rough day the other day. I had not prepared myself for the follow up. The following day was a day to remember.

But this time it was in a good way.

I actually enjoyed work for the first time in a while. I was able to make it through the day and not have a bad customer (that in and of itself was a miracle).

My wife is doing much better. She was able to get up and get around the house. Almost back to her old self. We have looked into a plan to get her back into yoga as that has helped before and should do so again. I am crossing my fingers that it all works out.

My daughters have been angels. Now that is common for them to behave good for a few days but this time, there seems to be a deeper connection. My oldest is taking more responsibility and is working things out with her sister.

And no one is talking about hitting the other person.

To encapsulate this whole day, I got one of my last Plushies in for the Build-a-bear My Little Ponies, SPIKE!! I did win the bid on him and he is in great condition.

I find myself in an unusual situation. I am not one for “The sun will come out, Tomorrow!” (too bright and cheerful, bleh) but I did feel I needed the win. While this may not help you all, please share in my win. I spread it around to all.

While I use this blog to help get things out of my system, i have a habit of always trying to help other people to the fault of putting myself at risk. But in this I share, share in the joy of a win. If its yours or mine or someone elses, share joy.

And there is no greater joy than I know of, then hugging a pony.


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