I took this weekend off because of a few personal things (some of which I will get to talk about) but all in all I had a great weekend. First time in a while.

One of the cooler things about my job is that I am a training store manager. This means I get to let my store and go help other people. I also get recognized for going to special events and meetings. I got chosen to go to the Diversity Leadership meeting, formerly our Women’s leadership meeting (don’t know WHY they would send my pony loving self to this meeting…..oh wait).

Still it was a good meeting with good information that I get to take back to peers and all that.

Personally, I was excited for another reason as well.

So one of the first activities the group (about 40-50 people) did was your introduction and something special about yourself. I, personally, knew exactly what I wanted to say. #Ponies4life

But I wasn’t alone.

It got halfway around the room and a wonderful young lady stood and said her introduction and told everyone “I can quote anything from MLP!”

I froze.

My group (who know me so well) all turn and point to me with cheer on their faces and wide smiles as they know how much of a fan I am. I just sat there with a big grin on my face.

When it came to my turn, I was a bit nervous. While I have been outspoken about my Bronyism with my peers and coworkers, this was a meeting at my corporate offices. Could I brave the waters that I would be treading? I was of two minds about saying something when they first asked what made us special.

But a certain fellow manager spoke out and had given me courage.

I proudly stood up and let everyone know that I had an online blog (with a wonderful readership [Thank you!!]) and that I too was a huge fan and supporter of all things Pony.

I want to say thank you to this fellow PonyGal who gave me the strength to ensure that I would stand up. You keep rocking it. It fills me with joy to know you are out there.

Hug a pony my friends.


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