Dirty neighbors.

So I have two people that are celebrities that I look up to. One of these has molded my childhood and showed me so much when I grew up. The other has helped me through the hard jobs and adulthood.

  1. Mr Fred Rogers.

I grew up on Mr Rogers. I miss his neighborhood. Watching him as he explored all kinds of life and jobs and even the travels to Make believe. Seeing him use his imagination, I know, helped me mold mine. His love and respect for everyone and anyone was shown over and over. It didn’t matter about who you or I was, am, or wanted to be.

I was special, just the way I was.

2. Mike Rowe.

My goodness I love this man. He is one of the funniest people I know. He is also one to get his hands dirty. Seeing him get in there and do those dirty jobs with the best of them really made me respect him.

And then he treated people like humans.

He took people who were not given any respect and gave them the power and told the stories that no one heard. Seeing him on Facebook makes me smile. I find myself liking more and more of his posts. He stays out of a lot of arguments and calls it like it is. He is opinionated but manages to stay above all the dirt throwing (which is funny cause he works in dirty jobs [LOL]).

I know he is on Social Media a lot and if anyone knows him, tell him I said hey (and hit me up, would love to talk to you) and that he has my eternal respect as a person.

You rock man. Keep it up.

As I hug a pony in closing, I ask you to look at who has influenced you in your life. Take 5 minutes, close your eyes, and think about.

Don’t worry, I’ll watch the time.

PS I love my title. Its so misleading!!!


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