200 Posts!

I have noticed a new milestone for me. I have hit that magical number of 200 posts. I want to thank anyone who got me this far. I never thought I would have hit this mark.

I hope I have help some poeple the way this blog has helped me. I started this with the mission of self help and a way of tracking it. It has evolved to more but that still remains the heart of it all.

This blog is for me.

But, it seems, it is now for you as well.

I have been read in 26 countries now. This boggles my mind. I want to thank everyone who has opened (maybe even by accident) this blog. I have been searched on the Googles 85 times. Over 4000 views from when I start this a little over a year ago. Over 2000 different visitors.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That is a lot of people hugging ponies!


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