Youtube Debut!!

Yes. Finally.

I did it.

I have the video up. I am happy that its up.

I will save my faults that I noticed for another day.

So here is the link!

The links I spoke of are here:

Depression research and links.

Grounding yourself.
PinkiePieSwear – Flutterwonder







2 thoughts on “Youtube Debut!!

  1. You’ll always find faults, esp if you’re looking for them. It’s best to think of all the positives. You worked hard to get it out, you finished it, you posted it, you didn’t give up even after not being about to do it before this. Your voice came over really clear 🙂 This is just a first step/video, there will be a learning curve in how best to communicate or how to edit the video, and that’s cool! Don’t let the little things tarnish your accomplishment, learn from them and move on ❤ you did great!

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