Self care day 15:Something New

It is always a pleasure bring you more day to day posts. I will continue to do so until the end of February. Please make sure to comment, share and follow along as I share some simple things to better your life!

Raising kids has been a fun adventure. Teaching them to walk, talk, poop, and many other glorious things has been most interesting. I have been more tired and more proud than I have ever been in my life. I have also had something else happen that I did not expect. I tried new things. New foods, new places to visit, new encounters that would have never happened because I would not have thought to do them.

Quite the experience in all.

Now, I would not have gone to a pumpkin patch or to the local indoor bounce house unless it was a birthday party or a special occasion but in my case, I was an addition to a child who was wide eyed and ready to have fun.

They were not the only one to have fun.

I remember going to an indoor inflatable bounce house emporium that had inflatable boxing rings, volleyball, and even a 2 man maze you could race through. A friend and I jumped into the boxing ring together and went a few rounds before the kids got in to knock each other senseless. The adults all joined in on the maze and raced to the end. I remember going against the other most “fit”adult there as we raced all the way to the end. The last section had a turn were an inflatable wall, that had separated us for most for the maze, opened up and there was a hill climb and a dash to the end. I heard my friend come around the turn about the same time I was. I played dirty and threw myself at the divider wall, felt something bounce off of it along with a yell, and raced up the rope to the finish. It turns out I had timed it all so well, and he hadn’t expected it, that I bounced him like a pinball around that part of the course he was turned around, about to head in the wrong direction. He came over the hill climb, dizzy and laughing, vowing to get me back in the next event.

Now, I would never have gone to such a place unless I had kids (or someone had pushed very hard for me to be there). I look back on the times when I said no to going out. I question how many good times I missed because I was scared or afraid or even just thought I wouldn’t like it.

So many new foods and experiences that are out there that might be waiting for you. I can honestly say, even with the events or food that I didn’t like, I was still glad I tried.

I found more about myself. I explored more of who I was as a person.

I found out more likes.

I found out more dislikes (it is OK to dislike something but at least try it).

I helped myself grow.

#hugapony my friends.


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