One of many to come.

I love a good build up. Bring people in, get the interest and hopes up, leave them hanging for just the right amount of time. The biggest thing is to deliver and to leave them wanting more. The biggest thing is to deliver. So I hope to do so now.

I mentioned that I had a few surprises coming and that I would be sharing them “soon”. Well soon is here for one of them (2 more to go after this *squee).

I have been wanting to have myself put into pony form (ponified) as I have yet to do so. For me this is kinda a big step as I am very picky. I am a stickler for details and for wanting things done a very certain way. When it has to represent me, I want it to be me. I want people to look at it and go, Yup, that is Daniel (yes I know my name, I said it [all kinds of surprises today]).

So I had put the word out and starting looking at people. I had a few very good suggestions  and I liked a few people but nothing was popping out at me. Then I had a friend come to me and told me he had an artist he used when he was needing an emblem for his business. I asked who it was and he told me Luke McKay.

-Now enter shameless plugs for Luke here –>

Balls 2 That

Luke was an artist that I know of in many of the circles I run in as he is the main comic artist for Rooster Teeth, a website dedicated to all things geeky and gaming. I remember when they first started up with the web series Red vs Blue made from the original Halo and help pioneer online web series and such.

Really really big name for me.

I geeked out.

Not gonna lie.

So I was put in contact with him and some email correspondence took place. Through a gracious commission fee (bribe) and some heartfelt conversation (begging) I managed to score a Luke Mckay original version of a pony named after me. So without any more build up. I have me, in pony minor.


Thank you @lukemckay 


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