Quick shot 4


How I feel about today. Mad props to the man Norman who writes this comic.


Quick note on my Quick shots, I have been extremely busy at work and have not had the time to put together my drafts for the upcoming posts. I will be doing that this week so look forward to a whole bunch of new posts!

Hug a pony my friends!


One thought on “Quick shot 4

  1. Oh my goodness, I have so been there! I remember arriving at my store one Monday morning two hours before opening so I could start resetting the entire store floor. I never received more than 2 or 3 customers on Mondays in this particular store, and they typically came in later afternoon. As I would take down one display onto a cart I would replace the empty shelves with another and then another. Needless to say by the time I opened the store at 10 am I had quite the mess of a store. Suddenly by 11am I had a mess on the floor and at least 8 customers in the store! I helped each one, apologized profusely for the mess. Finally to one customer I said “I am so incredibly grateful but unsure as to why it is so busy today.” The lady smiled, “It’s Columbus day, offices and schools are out.” What great timing, I never again forgot a Monday holiday!!!

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