Bronies React.

So one of the channels I follow on Youtube is ACRacebest. He is a wonderful fellow who has a great bunch of other Bronies and they make React videos. Let me explain a few things. 


So a Brony is a person (male or female) who watches the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Now what makes this person special is that they are not in the target audience. Usually late teens, 20 something year olds who really like the show. They make like for many different reasons such as, great animation, great song writing, fantastic voice acting, or interesting stories. It may seem weird, but there is a certain charm to the show that everyone sees. Bronies in and of themselves do really great things such as getting money for charities, providing a support group for one another, and generally do great things in the community. The tag line for most of them usually involves “Love and Tolerance” signifying that they accept everyone. Generally speaking a great group of people that I am happy to be a part of.


ACracebest is a pillar in the community, along with Saberspark, Blackgryphon, and more, who makes react videos to episodes of MLP:FiM. They are great commentaries on different aspects of the show that you may miss out on, subtle references that are easy to miss, or fun shenanigans reacting to what is going on in the show. He also runs a few videos on conventions he and others attend and show just how much fun you can have being a brony.


I have spent many a day watching his videos and it is always a pick me up. I ask anyone who is interested, or not interested but curious, to check him out.

Come see what it means to be a brony.


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