A beginning.

I am crying. Not a wimpier, or a sob. Tears rolling down my face, soul crushing, full body emotion crying. My hands are shaking I a so filled with emotion. I cannot hold back the deluge. Let me explain.


When I was around 4 or 5, I was an adventurous lad who had a big imagination. I enjoyed my Legos and toys and had grand outings in the back yard. It was about this time I was learning to read. My dad read to me, my mother, and my brother most nights he could. Great stories like, Chronicles of Narnia, Tom Brown, and the Education of Little Tree. You could say this gave me a passion and thirst for wanting to read.


I went and started with the basics, Cat in the Hat, Green eggs and ham, several other Dr Seuss books that my mom helped me get through. I poured over them striving to grasp the words and letters. We would go to the library and check out books, mainly picture books for myself, and I was teetering on the edge of being able to read by myself. And then I came across THE book.


It was an epic tail filled with lots of great characters, science fiction, boy coming of age story. One of those books that enraptures a young boy. It had a young boy in space, A teddy bear with ticker tape coming out his nose to talk, and the teddy bear was on roller skates. I painstakingly studied every word, pushing myself to understand them and sound them out. Finally, I reached the last page. FINISHED! I had just read my first book. No help, alone. I was READING! I joyously ran to my mom to tell her. I read the book several times more before we had to return it to the Library. I immediately checked it out again and read it over and over and over. The next time the library said I had to return it.


I was heartbroken. My book. I wanted to keep this book. It was my first, and I was so proud. My mother asked if we could purchase the book. The Librarian said no. My mother pleaded with the woman, but the answer was still no. We looked for the book at the store, we could not find it. After time, I could not remember the name. I only remembered the one Character. The teddy bear with ticker tape so he could talk.


I kept looking over the years, trying to find something on it. I asked at libraries (while getting some very STRANGE looks) with no avail. One time in my teens, someone did remember reading that book as well but, as I had, only remembered a little. When I went off to college and it was at that point I stopped thinking about it.


Now, something you should know is that I am a avid reader, enjoy MANY science fiction novels, grand epic adventure books and can be a little obsessed and crazy about. Most of who I am today, with my passions and interests, started with this book. You could easily say that it made part of me who I am today.


Tonight, I all of a sudden had a random thought about this book. No warning, just a thought. Well, with Google the way it is I decided to have a gander. Plowing through blogs and book search sites didn’t reveal much. I continued looking until I came across a picture.


My heart stopped. You could have shot me on the spot and I wouldnt have felt it. Tears welled up in my eyes and poured over like a waterfall. 25 years I have looked for this. It was the start of an amazing childhood. Emotions raged in me so fierce, I could almost feel my body was going to come apart at the seams. I cannot wait to read this and show my daughters this book. Joy has overcome me.


In a time when I needed it the most, a miracle happened. I have had a rough past few weeks. This brings me so much joy. Thank you God.


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