Quick shot 3

“Can you help me with my service?”

“I can do my best ma’am. What is the issue?”

“Well my daughter’s service is not working, the bill isn’t due, and we don’t know whats wrong.”

“Well, I will not be able to assist you with that. Here is our support number and they should be able to take care of you.”

:Five minutes later:

“Yes I just called and you said you would help me with my service.”

“Yes ma’am, did you get it fixed?”

“No, no one would help me. Can’t you just fix it for me?”

“Ma’am, I have no way to troubleshoot your problem.  What did they say the problem was?”

“Oh, it was an automated system and I didn’t want to do that.”

“Ma’am, you have to go through that system. I cannot assist you. Did you not hear support options?”

“No, I hung up after it asked me to press a button. I didn’t want to go through that to speak to a person.”

I am trying to not bang my head against my desk right now….

Hug a plushie, hug a plushie, hug a plushie, repeat.


2 thoughts on “Quick shot 3

  1. I’m going to take a wild assumption here…

    I’m going to hypothesis a few things:

    a) This woman is an impatient person who has probably been brought up in a comfortable life of “Oh, when I want something, I receive it immediately, otherwise I don’t know how to deal.”

    b) Your system of service, whatever that might be, is quite limited as to what functions you can perform within it.

    c) Your system of service has a very poor support line, and you can no more get through to access an actual representative of said service than she could (had she even bothered to try).

    I’d say not to sweat the small stuff like this. Uneducated, unsympathetic, and impatient people are of little importance to those of us who manage to step back and look at our issues from a neutral standpoint. However, I feel that this statement probably wouldn’t make you feel any better what-so-ever. Therefore I will simply say that I sympathize, and can relate to you in this aspect, as I have often been put on the spot by these types of people who simply don’t seem to…how should I say….”get it.”

    People need to open their eyes. They need to realize that their actions affect other people. They need to quit being so damned selfish and needy. They need to recognize that sometimes, they have to figure out a solution for themselves, rather than it being handed to them.

    It took me a long time to realize this, and still I struggle with it to this day, because I was one of those people. Whatever I wanted, I got – no matter what. Oh, and on the 1% chance I didn’t get what I wanted, someone was going to be given hell. I’m my own favorite hypocrite in this aspect, and I don’t really feel all that ashamed to admit it.

    That self-rant aside, I wish you the best in the days to come. I won’t pray for you – I don’t really believe in a god or a lack there of, so it would be a lie to say I would. However, I will hope for you, that you will be able to continue your expressions of feelings through the medium of this blog, and that you will try your best to work towards the future, as you are already doing.

    I don’t know you, but I do think that you probably are more successful a person that you know.

    Best wishes. 🙂


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